Sam is a young woman from our church who works with the ministry of YWAM Perth in Australia and beyond.                                                               

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Psalm 27:4
January 27th, 2016

w e l c o m i n g  2 0 1 6
First update of 2016! I can’t believe how fast time keeps going; 5 years ago I was on my Discipleship Training School (DTS) in Townsville, Australia (above photo: my DTS in 2011). I had no idea that I would still be living here all this time later. I am so grateful for what God has done in and through my life since then.  I am also excited for what will happen in this next year! As a ministry, we are hoping to go on an international outreach, but I will let you know when locations and time-frames are chosen :)
Later this year, I will be a part of staffing the Transformation School. I did this 6-month school in 2012, and loved it. The heart of the school is to look at what you believe and why you believe it. We do this by looking at what we know about God and the Bible, and how the truth and God’s ways really work in the world. We look out our own view of the world, and then how that view should and does affect the different areas of society. God spoke to me recently about how I really love getting to be a part of people getting better and fuller understanding of who God is, and seeing how it changes the world. He also has shown me how much I love discipling others, and this is a great opportunity to do just that! Feel free to ask me more questions about this school :) 
n e w   h o m e
I have been so blessed through God’s provision over the past five years, and it is always exciting to see how God will provide. I have been living in YWAM Perth housing since I first came in 2011, and in November, God told me to trust Him for a new home by February. In two weeks from now, I will be moving into an apartment with three others, that we are renting ourselves. I have already seen God provide me with a new bed, mattress, and a couple shelves all for free! 
Our rent does not cost more than the base, but I have been trusting for about $150 more monthly support, to be able to cover some food (we eat lunch and dinner free at base), transport, house fees (wifi/cleaning supplies/etc), and my new Australian visa (needed in March). Let me know if this is a way you would like to partner with what I do! 
Thanks so much for your prayers and support! I would also love to hear from each of you, let me know if you would like to Skype/FaceTime as well!

t h e   g i f t   o f   j o y

For Christmas, we put together bags of toiletries and Bibles to hand out to the women in prostitution that we work with. We were able to hand out 129 of these bags, each with a Bible in the girl’s own language. One thing that God continually spoke as we went was the word JOY. And that’s what we got to see, here is one story to show this:
One of the first places we went to, one of the girls said she spoke Chinese, so I gave her the bag with a Chinese Bible. She pulled out the Bible, opened it and gasped, “It’s in CHINESE! It’s in Chinese!” She smiled at me, and then went to show the Australian receptionist, who pulled out her English one, and excitedly said, “And mine is in English! And way easier to understand than the translation I read before.” And on they went for a few minutes about how excited they were to have a Bible they could understand. I was so blessed to witness their reaction and reminded how grateful I am to have access to God’s word. People get excited about the Bible, even in the darkest of places.


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