Community Threads is an outreach to not only the Town of Beaumont, but also the surround communities providing an opportunity to for those that are going through rough times, free of charge clothing, footwear and sometimes even small household items.  This came to fruition through Melodie Dunning, who also attends BCC.
"I have had something placed on heart.  Some years ago, I used to go to something they had at the Millwoods Pentecostal Church called The Care Closet.  It was where people that needed clothes could go and get free clothes (used clothing of course).  Well, God has placed doing something like this for those less fortunate on my heart.  So any donations of clothing or anything you think people could use would be appreciated.  And for anyone that feels like this might be something they are interestred in getting involved with or have any ideas for, please feel free to talk to me.  Thank you."
--Melodie Dunning

The launch was October 19th, 2012.  The hope is that with the generosity of our Community, this clothing outreach will continue and flourish from the basement of the Beaumont Community Church, every 3rd Thursday of the month, for many years to come!