Bernd Heyde
Lead Pastor




Came to BCC: 2007
Married to Kathryn; three children, Luke (Beth, daugther in-law), Sarah, and Madeline.

  • What is one of your fondest memories at BCC?
  • If you indulge, what is it? 
    Definitely donuts, but other than that buying carpentry tools from Lee Valley.
  • What was your childhood ambition? 
    To live in the woods in a log cabin and shoot my own food.
  • Favorite movie? 
    The Lord of the Rings extended version.
  • Your greatest accomplishment? Convincing my wife to marry me.


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             Constance Theberge
         Administrative Assistant

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  • What is one of your fondest memories at BCC?
    The baptisms of myself, my husband and my kids!

  • If you indulge, what is it?
    Worship with my husband, crocheting (yarn) and other crafts.

  • What was your childhood ambition?
    To become a Wildlife Officer or a cop.

  • A little known fact about yourself?
    I cut the tail off a roadkill fox, when I was a teen.  Was shown how to cut out the bone, and it hung from my rear view mirror in my first car.


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